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Wednesday 7 October 2015


Trees are changing - and grass is fading where it is short and dry.

But what would our urban landscape be like without them? Sometimes their shapes are absorbed by the buildings round them. Sometimes they create the skyline.

Are you
How are your trees doing? (The ones in your garden, in parks, in streets. The ones you specially look at when you walk by.)

Are you following a particular tree?
If so - add a link to your post about it in the box below.

If not - why not start?
You can become a Loose and Leafy Tree Follower at any time in the year.
Do join us. Info. is here.

And before the box - here's some other info.
Loose and Leafy is about to be mothballed.
Broadly - my laptop hasn't been mended despite being sent away three times. The on/off button on my camera is starting to be depressed. It would be absurd to buy a new laptop for the sake of a blog - and the camera really takes priority.
It's not that the laptop doesn't work - after all, here I am typing away. It's just slow. I'm wasting too much time waiting for pages to load. And my meagre store of patience could be put to better use than staring at stuck screens until they un-freeze.

So . . . Loose and Leafy is being mothballed. BUT Treefollowing, Street Plant Posts and Stuckfooting will all continue.

Pat at The Squirrelbasket is likely to become the Tree Following co-ordinator. Everything Tree Following will transfer to her as long as we can work out how to put a link box on a WordPress blog. (Can anyone advise?)

Street Plant Blogging will transfer to Hollis at Urban Plants, Urban Rocks. (She'll have a link box ready for you on 21st October.)

Stuck Foots? To be announced. (When I know!)

But don't worry. Loose and Leafy won't be shutting down in a blink of an eye. I'll make sure it's all set up so you can easily find your way to these other blogs. There's a little more to come on here too - a book review and a final look round.

I don't know when / if Loose and Leafy will burst upon your screens again after that - but if you would like to be certain not to miss it . . . and to save you coming and going to check . . . I suggest you sign up for it to be sent to you by email. There's a box to put your address in right at the top of the sidebar. That way you will be one of the first to know when it re-activates.

In the meantime, a slow computer won't break all connections. I may or may not be able to keep up to date with

 (no words, only one picture at a time, more straightforward!)
I'm on Twitter @LucyCorrander
and you can email me at looseandleafy@googlemail.com

Do support Pat and Hollis and . . . to be announced (!) when they take up the Tree Following and Street Plants and Stuck-footing batons . . . And don't forget there will be at least two extra posts here before I unpack the mothballs.

And at last what you are really waiting for - this month's Tree Following Link Box!
(As usual it will be staying open until the 24th of the month.)


Solarbeez said...

I was so late last month, I decided to stay up late this time and get in early...My River Birch actually started doing something I could observe. It's dropping it's cones. Well, I had to assist it a little, which I did and shot a short video of opening up a cone and finding the seeds inside.

Thanks Lucy, for all the work you've done on this web site. Sorry you're having issues with your lap top, that can be sooo frustrating. I'll sign up to follow on email.

Caroline Gill said...

Thank you, Lucy, for hosting another round. Where do the months go? I'm glad you are 'settling into' the ways of your sycamore - lovely to have a tree by the water! I particularly like the chicory photo on your post, a plant I haven't seen for ages and had practically forgotten all about. Its fellow blue flower, Cornflower, is one of my favourites and one we had our wedding 30 years ago! Here's hoping for some exuberant autumn colours before the leaves fall!

Alison Levey said...

Hard to believe it is October already. Thanks Lucy for hosting this meme and for continuing to do so. I'm sorry to see Loose and Leafy go, I've always enjoyed your posts.

Donna said...

So sorry to hear you will have to give up these memes.....you will be missed Lucy as you are a creative wonder. I am sure others who are taking up the baton will do a good job. Thanks for guiding us and giving us a great way to look at the world.

liz said...

Oh, Lucy. I am so sorry about your computer issues. Being non-tech-savvy myself, I get easily frustrated when I can't just type and everything runs smoothly. That said, I hope your mothballing is not too long-lasting. Your writing is so distinctive and such a joy to read. You make me think about aspects of nature and life that I had not considered. Thank you for setting up and hosting the tree-following. The introduction to your post today said so much about trees in our lives.

Hollis said...

Thanks once again Lucy. And thanks to Pat for "taking over" -- otherwise I would really miss these tree-following gatherings!!

Rowan said...

The trees round here are beginning to change colour in quite a big way now and it looks really lovely. Lots and lots of acorns everywhere too. I'm sorry that you're going to mothball Loose and Leafy, I've enjoyed reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

It's a combined post this month with Liz's Stewartia and A fig tree.
I'm sorry to read that you're putting this blog on the shelf as I've always enjoyed reading the informative posts and looking at the interesting pictures.
I will, of course, continue to look at the pictures on Message in a Milkbottle, hopefully on a more regular basis.
Many thanks for hosting Tree Following, and I'm glad to see that it will be continuing with Squirrelbasket.
Flighty xx

Angie said...

Och! Sad to read you are having such issues still Lucy and them leading to you having to bring out those mothballs. I may not catch every post you write but each one I do I thoroughly enjoy your take on nature and all it involve. I look forward to getting that email informing us that Loose and Leafy is back up running.
Not quite the autumn colour on my tree as I'd have expected this month but I look on that as a positive as I'll still have something to talk about next month rather than bare branches!
Many thanks for hosting and good luck to your successors.

Anonymous said...

I'm also very sorry to see Loose and Leafy end. Perhaps you can figure out a solution. Thanks for hosting--I've enjoyed learning about my tree and the others that I read about. Funnily enough, you're writing about a Sycamore, which is going to be my next choice as this is the last month for my Retama. Trust me when I say that your Sycamore looks very little like my Sycamore. So long for now--hope you return soon!

Amy@SmallSunnyGarden said...

Have signed up as I think I was only following you via Blogger... I certainly understand about the camera coming first, but do hope you can eventually continue to enjoy blogging as so many of us have enjoyed your blogs!

Caroline Gill said...

Having read the tree bits, but I have now taken in the sad news of your laptop, Lucy. Thank you very much for hosting TF. I have certainly learned so much, not only about my own tree, but about other things around it and about other trees worldwide. Here's to the future - to you and to those who carry the baton! THANK YOU for all the tweets etc.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

A reply to 'My Gardener Says' re. sycamores.
Hi Tina. So sorry. I should have replied earlier - when you first raised a question about Sycamores. The reason why yours will look different from mine is because different names are used in the USA and UK. Our sycamores are in the Acer family while ones in North America the Platanus. Here's a link to a UK woodland site which describes what we'd call 'Sycamores' http://tinyurl.com/ndnugp7 ; and here's what we call London Plane Trees http://tinyurl.com/ovumo5y Oh the joys of languages and confusions!

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I'm so sorry to hear that you are mothballing Loose and Leafy, but I want to thank you for creating this wonderful meme and for making the effort to keep it going. My red maple is now turning from green to shades of yellow, orange and scarlet. -Jean

Brian Skeys said...

Hi Lucy, Sorry that technology is preventing you from continuing with Loose & Leafy, it is a frustrating fact of modern life, great when it works ok, very annoying when it doesn't.
I think the lap tops have a built in life expectancy, they are fast when new and then as we add more and more info and apps to them they gradually become slower and slower.
I look forward to your return.

Sandie said...

Sorry to hear you are not continuing these nemes Lucy, you have done a brilliant job and I have really enjoyed taking part (and will continue). I share your frustration with technology and part of me thinks 'good for you' - knowing how much more time I would gain without my computer - but then I also know how much I would miss. It's a love-hate affair! Good luck with what you continue to do and hope to see you back here sometime.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to keeping in touch, Lucy, and if I am able to take over the tree following meme I hope to make sure you and your blog are given full credit for starting it off!
Bye for now :)

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Yikes Lucy, what a pain about your laptop, very frustrating! I hope your not mothballed for long, but I am glad the memes will live on. After a 5 month absence I visited my tree again this month and manage to post about it before Mr Linky disappeared! Thank you, it is such a lovely meme.

Anna said...

Oh Lucy I am sad to hear that you are moth balling 'Loose & Leafy' for the time being and hope that it returns at some stage in the future. Thanks for encouraging me to observe trees more closely. It's been much appreciated.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Oh goodness! Darn laptops! I was just about to join in the tree following meme again, and I guess I will. I do hope, however, that you find a solution to the laptop challenges as I enjoy your writing style and observations. Good luck!