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What is a Stuck Foot Post?

A stuck foot post is where you plant your foot firmly in a roughly random place and see what you can see without moving. Best is when you plant both feet. If you are on a slope or some other kind of difficult ground you may need to move the other foot for the sake of balance - but you mustn't move the 'stuck' foot. You can bend your body this way and that. You can lean forward and twist at the waist - but you mustn't swivel that stuck-foot.

Here's an example of a Stuck Foot Post - Stuck Foot Post in July

If you would like to share your stuck foot posts with others, there'll be a link box for this on Loose and Leafy on the following dates. (Please note - these dates were revised in November 2014.)

November     21st - 25th
January         21st - 25th
March           21st - 25th
May              21st - 25th
July               21st - 25th
September     21st - 25th
November     21st - 25th

The links can include articles posted in preceding months - you simply put a date beside your entry.

Spread through the year like this dates can be awkward to remember so if you'd like a reminder a week ahead - email me at and I'll try to remember to let you know!

If you'd like to be listed here as an occasional Stuck-Foot-Blogger - let me know and I'll put a link to your blog here. (One Stuck-Foot post a year is enough to go on the list - though more would be . . . merrier!)

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