Until July 2017, documenting the seasons of coastal Dorset. I'm a complete amateur so don't trust I'm always right. If ever you see I'm wrong - whether with identifications or in anything else - do say! Meanwhile . . . I've now moved to Halifax in West Yorkshire. Click on the link below to collect the new URL. Don't forget to follow there!


Non-commercial bloggers
are welcome to reproduce Message in a Milk Bottle photos on their own blogs without payment as long as they will not gain financially by doing so.

Commercial Businesses
may purchase non-exclusive, once off use of photos from Message in a Milk Bottle.
£40 for jpeg, £50 RAW.

EXCEPTIONS - important to read this
Photos which are of street plants / urban wild plants / street scenes / photos with people in / with commercial signage visible / with number plates . . . none of these are for use beyond this blog.

Email for a price list
Payments are through Paypal
All ads contain the rel='nofollow' code


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