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It can be quite an adventure, looking for Urban Wild Plants. You can keep an eye out for them as you walk around town or choose a street at random and see what you can find - grass next to rubbish bins, daisies in the kerb, buddleia on the tops of buildings. What you see will depend on where you live but there's nearly always something. 

If you'd like to be added to the list of bloggers who write posts about urban wild plants from time to time let me know and I'll put a link to you and your blog below.
There's no commitment to post on urban wild plants more than once a year - though if you can post six times that's brilliant because the link box for Street Plant Posts appears on Loose and Leafy alternate months.
Street Plant Blogging
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Urban Wild Plants
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December    21st - 25th

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People Who Post About Urban Wild Plants from time to time

Loose and Leafy - Lucy Corrander
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The Quiet Walker - Amanda
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Flourishing Grace - Kif
The Squirrelbasket - Pat
Leaf Encounter - Maria
Reclaiming Paradise - Jackie
In My Playroom - Eileen
From My View - Barbara

If you are not on the list and should be - or would like to be - leave a note in the comments on the blog or email me at


(#streetplants sometimes means skateboarders!)