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Saturday, 17 October 2015


To find the link box for Street Plant Posts go to Urban Plants, Urban Rocks.
(The Box has Moved!)

Shepherd's Purse by concrete wall, London June 2015
Shepherd's Purse by concrete wall.
With Loose and Leafy going into mothballs (blame a conking out laptop) - Tree Following and Street Plants are moving elsewhere.

First up - Street Plants.

If you've seen plants growing wild in the streets near you - and are posting about them . . . pop over to Urban Plants, Urban Rocks where Hollis will welcome you with a link box - just like here. (Not sure of the grammar but can't think how else to put it.)

Unlike me, Hollis knows what she's talking about. She's a proper plant and rock person. (See here.)

Oh. A spider's just walked across my desk. Spiders are generally welcome in my house at this time of year, even if the joints between walls and ceilings end up draped with webs and cobwebs in a thoroughly gothic way. (Harvestmen too.) But this year . . . something has happened and masses of very, very large and sturdy spiders have come to take up residence. Not only are they disconcerting because of their size, I lost tolerance when one ran across my bed in the dark and up my sleeve when I turned the light on to see what my eye had caught scuttling along in the half-awake gloom. Since then I've had a glass and a piece of card at hand and they're all getting chucked out as fast as they arrive. Even small ones are getting the heave-ho in case they grow to be large. (By 'large' I mean a leg span of two inches - that's why you can see them in the dark. And they don't creep along either. They walk tall.)

Little plant by car wheel.
Not that spiders have anything to do with street plants. It's just that one can't help but be distracted when one hurries by.

Back to Street Plants.

Remember - On October 21st there will be a box for Street Plant Posts on Hollis' blog Urban Plants, Urban Rocks


Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Spiders that size are enough to give anybody the heebie geebies Lucy!

Hope you don't stay mothballed for long - but grand that you are organising alternative homes for your memes.

sue catmint said...

goodbye (here) and thank you for L and L - this blog has given me lots of fond memories.