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Thursday, 21 May 2015


Standing on wet sand after tide has retreated to see what is by one's feet.

What is a Stuck Foot Post?

It's where you stick your foot in one place and refuse to move it till you've seen what you can see - then you post about it.

It's astonishing what you can see while standing still.

Take this picture as an example. There's seaweed at the top of the picture and the retreating tide has left ripples in the sand. There are the feet-imprints of a gull who's been stamping on the spot. Gulls trick worms into coming to the surface by pretending to be rain tapping as it lands on the ground. I don't know if lugworms are interested in rain but on the left hand edge of the picture (quite low down) there's a circular depression. If we were to dig there I think we'd find the head end of of a lugworm underneath. And back up almost to the top - below the seaweed and to the right of the footprints - a beached sea squirt. And this is in only one picture! Stuck footing is about the least energetic form of blogging!

So how about joining in and becoming a Stuck Footer too?
There's a box on the blog alternate months.
Here's the one for 21st - 25th May. (The next will be July.)

(If you see a note which asks you to leave a comment, don't feel compelled. It's an exhortation that comes with the widget.)
To find out more, go to the Loose and Leafy Page about Stuck Footing.

Twitter hashtag - #stuckfootposts


Lyn said...

I like this a lot! Xxx

Hollis said...

Hi Lucy - I'm now a stuck-foot-blogger, on occasion anyway. I'm joining via my Urban Plants, Urban Rocks blog.
cheers :)

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hi Lyn. Do join our small band of Stuck-Footers - and help it grow!

Hollis. So pleased you are now a Stuck Footer. I've added you to the list on the Stuck Foot page.


(Your new blog is a great idea.)

Gardens at Waters East said...

Lucy, Great idea for new postings. Living here on the shores of Lake Michigan I can relate to your photos today - love them! I have sooooooo many photos of the shore here at the gardens. Again Great Idea! JC