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Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I know this is cheating. I know this isn't a proper post. But I've fallen in love with a fly.

Black fly with stiff, spiky hairs on its back and big brown eyes
A little less than a centimetre long. Photo taken September 2nd 2014

I don't know what kind it is. Just that he (he?) is the pantomime villain. Pure evil to be hissed at and hated and applauded and wanted-to-see-agained. The star of the show. What character!

It's the great thing about cameras. If I hadn't taken this photo, if I hadn't cropped it and enlarged it almost to extinction, I wouldn't have noticed his stand up prickles and strange feet. All I would have remembered would have been his big brown eyes.

Dear Fly,
If you are a 'she' I apologise. But I doubt you noticed me or observed me long enough to register my gender.


Gardens at Waters East said...

Lucy, I often have the same experience. I take a photo, go inside to crop a section of a flower - and I find some interesting "bug" that I had not seen while photographing. Love it. So easy to miss the "small" parts of life. Jack

Urban Girl said...

oh wow - what an incredible photo! I understand your love! : )

- Kif

Anonymous said...

Love those wicked spiky black hairs! Very alien...
All the best :)