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Thursday, 28 August 2014


I was going. I was not going. Then I was. Now I'm back.

Some of the varying colours shapes of the Brecon Beacon Hills

The chance came up to go back to the Brecon Beacons - this time to the North side of the National Park. And it rained. Again. Of course.

There was an afternoon when the sun shined. I noticed some good views in passing. I would return.

Clouds gather over distant hills.

But it rained.

But there are always things to notice when the sun comes out between showers.

Dead foxglove (I think) and shadow on the top of a dry stone wall

Like shadows. (Of foxglove?)

View of field and trees though open barn door with bits and bobs and gate in foreground

And views through barns.

The area below the roof in the same barn. Dramatic slats made black in the glare of outside light

Where light comes in through slats as well as through open doors.

Dock outside the barn (or sorrel?)

When they get to the rusty stage, I have trouble distinguishing between sorrel and dock in pictures. I was in a rush at the time or I would have paid attention to the leaves.

Silhouette of dead tree, telegraph pole and swifts sitting on a wire

There's drama in the morning; and in the evening.

Swifts are gathering on the wires ready for their autumn migration to Africa. Not that they are short of insects to eat yet. Each evening they swished backwards and forwards human-knee-high snatching at insects above the grass.

And that silhouette of a bird in the tree. It looks like a robin to me. What do you reckon? (You might have to enlarge to see.)

Face view of Buff Ermine moth.

And on the wall in an outside loo - an Buff Ermine Moth. (Spilosoma luteum.) One of its antennae is broken.

Now I'm back I'll soon be replying to comments and getting ready to catch up with 'my' tree ready for the Tree Following box on the 7th.

Hope you have been having good holidays - whether in rain or drought or perfect weather.

(There ought to be a selection of greetings to cover the seasons. Why should Christmas hog it all? Happy summer everyone!)
* * *
P.S. A new recommendation. Take a look at this page about the life cycle of butterflies and moths. A breathtaking set of information and pictures. (Includes the caterpillar of a Buff Ermine moth.)


amanda peters said...

The moth and the light shining through the slats are my faviouret photos from your little trip away..
Amanda xx

Hollis said...

me too ... trip last week was very rainy, even some snow :-( Got some photos anyway -- having the camera along made things better.

Enjoyed your photos.

Donna said...

You find the best shots...that moth is so unusual and I love the barn shots...very top notch!

Toffeeapple said...

I agree with you about the Robin. That moth is gorgeous and thank you for the link, I shall investigate further I am very interested in the subject.

Urban Girl said...

yes holidays! always nice to take things at a slower pace - no matter what the weather.

- Kif

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hello Everyone. Glad you like the moth. It stayed in the same place for several days. This was fortunate because it was low down on the wall in one of only two loos on the campsite so I had to wait for a time when all was quiet before I could take its picture.