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Sunday, 5 February 2012


It's a good time of year to see the shape of trees.

With Natalie deciding not to continue with Tree Year, I'd like to find another way of following the trees followed by people who are following trees. (If you see what  I mean!)

Yew bark, which can be vividly red when wet, turns pale in frost and ice.

I was already following trees before I came across Tree Year - I expect that's true of others too - though I hadn't been doing so in specific blocks of time - just trundling along with posts which said 'This is what's happening to that tree,' whenever it struck me to do so.

Felled and fallen trees can be very, very interesting.

Last week, I said I'd be following an elderberry tree for a while. Laura at Patio Patch is following a Wych Hazel. Elizabeth at Welsh Hills Again is following a Horse Chestnut.

It's good to see who lives on a tree!

If they (you) or anyone wants attention drawn to their 'special tree' posts on Loose and Leafy, let me know and I'll put a link at the foot of my next post - whatever it's about. No special day. No set time - just let me know if you post (either by leaving a comment or by emailing me at looseandleafy@googlemail.com). If enough people are following trees, I'll add a tab with a list at the top of the blog.

This Hart's Tongue Fern is growing on a fallen
Yew. See the Ladybird hiding between its icy leaves?

It doesn't have to be a living tree. Lots happens on dead trees too. And it makes sense too to follow a particular path through trees. To be terribly lax about language - anything goes! (Almost!)

And moss!

Esther Montgomery's letting me use one of her little drawings as a sort of motif for this. (You'll see it at the foot of this post.) If you want to use it too - you are welcome to do so.

And fungi on another fallen tree.

There's so much to see on and near trees, even when the weather is frosty and cold.

There are things to notice, even on trees which may have no leaves in spring.

This is where the tree with exposed roots (above) is supported by a tree on the other side of the path.

Do let me know about your trees!

Meanwhile, here's an elderberry shoot on 'my' tree. I'm rather pleased the tree I've chosen has lots of lichen. We'll be able to keep an eye on that too.

I'm a tree follower - what about you?

This list is already out of date - more blogs are added each time I post.
Soon, I'll put a complete list under a tab at the top of the blog.

(Let me know if you would like your blog added to the list - either by leaving a note in comments or email me at looseandleafy@googlemail.com whenever you post an update on ‘your tree’.)

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Mark Willis said...

I'm not specifically a Tree-Follower, so I'll do it by proxy, and let you tell me about the trees you follow! :)
I have to say though that trees and their inhabitants both animal and vegetable do make some very interesting photo subjects. I love your (nearly?) B&W one of the two trees, one supporting the other. They look as if they are grappling for the rights to the light!

Diana Studer said...

Not 'following' but my next post will be about trees. You've got your sidebar badge ready. Roll up the punters!

Anonymous said...

I'm just looking forward to reading about your followings, especially the lichens, aren't they vivid?

Laura Bloomsbury said...

Great news - I'll be log rolling a link up with you Lucy :)
The images in this post are enough to get tree lovers salivating - beautiful shots shot through with vivid colours and textures..and Esther's Tree follower badge tops it off nicely

Rowan said...

I love trees but don't follow a particular one - I notice several individuals on my walks and have got to know them quite well. I shall read your tree posts with interest - there are some great photographs in this post especially the one of yew bark.

Mark and Gaz said...

Not following a particular tree but do love them, the older the better! So much character and so many aspects of it to admire (and to photograph!). Great shots btw!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Lucy I follow the tree in my garden especially the established maples and ash...I love the white ash stump that is slowly being given over to moss and fungus...I would love to follow my trees with you...I will try to update about them at least monthly.

Carolyn ♥ said...

I've never met a tree I didn't fall in love with. I've planted a gazillion and follow each one with care. Your pics are delightful and I'll be "keeping an eye on" your future posts.

Jeannette StG said...

Love to paint trees (and their roots!)

Leovi said...

Beautiful pictures, I love those beautiful frames and delicious tree trunks. Greetings.

Snap said...

I love trees and *our* trees have been so sad this year. The drought took many of trees away. So sad. Love your trees and what/who lives in them! Fun!

Al said...

I am always intrigued by trees, in fact one of my blog labels is "Trees." Excellent shots, it pays to look around!

Anonymous said...

Those snails look delicious. We cant pick them in Switzerland because they are protected and have to be satisfied with what we can buy from France. It is only a short drive for us however.

KB said...

Love the tree pics...so full of life on closer inspection.

Silvia Hoefnagels . Salix Tree said...

What a lovely idea! I'll have a stroll around my garden today, and see which tree I think might be best to follow. Hawthorn? Willow? Contorted Hazel?
That green lichen is so pretty on your tree.

Alison Levey said...

A lovely post and a great idea. I definitely follow my Medlar tree - I love it at all stages of the year and keep an eye on it. I like all trees I think - never met one I didn't like yet

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Great idea! I would love you to link and will definitely be doing it, sort of once a month, in a loose and leafy way.

Ebie said...

I have a number of post about trees, I will email you separately.

Thanks for showing me your world of trees!

Dimple said...

I like trees, and often photograph them, but I have never thought of following one...hmm!

Jen@small matters said...

Gorgeous photos of your trees! So glad to see you are keeping on with the spirit of the Tree Year. I had such a great time following my tree last year, and wanted to find a way to keep posting about it in some way, so I'll make sure to link up with you!

Carole Barkett said...

I haven't chosen one yet but I'm certainly considering it. I also love seeing the shape of trees and am looking at them all winter long. Isn't it amazing how each type follows a similar shape.

Down by the sea said...

Hi Lucy,
I love your blog and from Weymouth too!
This is a great idea please can you add me too. It's had to choose just one tree!

Wildgardener said...


Great blog and I love the tree-following idea. I've been inspired to start following an ash tree here at home.
Please could you add me to your list of tree-following blogs?

Anonymous said...

The black and white picture is phenomenal! It reminds me of arteries which is also cool in an organic kinda way, great shot.

~Willow~ said...

This is great. I've decided to follow a tree myself. I'll watch your blog with interest.

with blessings, Willow x

Anonymous said...

I've just sent you an email.
I've been reading your tree following posts for ages and have finally decided it's time for me to join in. :)