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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


This morning, it was cold; very cold. The frost was patchy but, when I went down to the sea at around twenty to ten, it was . . . finger chilling cold.

But the light was lovely.

I would usually aim for a little more variety in a post than there will be in this - but I fell in love with the colour and texture of seaweed on one rock.

I've been scrolling through these pictures over and over. I should get bored because they are all of the same thing. But I don't. I don't know why - I just don't!

I hope you like it too.

This little pool on the top of the rock is about two inches across.

And this is the next rock along. Same seaweed - different arrangement; a sort of skirt round the bottom!

While behind me - is the sea; with three Brent Geese swimming in the path of the sun.

I'd like to have taken the rocks home with me. I'd like to have taken the sea!

(But I think I'll need a little more in the way of storage before I'll try that! Indeed, I'd need a world full of garden sheds!)

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Toffeeapple said...

I like it certainly. Pretty contrast between the seaweed and the pebbles.

Lucy said...

Hello Toffeeapple. At the time, I thought the sea was coming in. Afterwards, I realised the seaweed was such a striking green because it was wet - the sea was going out! (It was still having a good bash at lapping over my feet when I wasn't looking though.)

Elephant's Eye said...

something spellbinding about the colour and texture of sea washed pebbles and polished bits of shell. Yes!

Mark and Gaz said...

Very much so!

David Marsden said...

Very nice, Lucy - I want to take it all home with me too. (I keep on reading your name as Lucy Coriander - I don't suppose that's new to you).


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Lucy I love rocks and photos of rocks and I especially love the contrast of the gorgeous seaweed on the rock...really gorgeous

PatioPatch said...

the contrast of seaweed with shingle works so well - the tri tones of greens, browns and blue. Who can get enough of emerald green? Impressed with your captures on a finger nipping day esepcially Lucy

Forest Keeper said...

I love the seaweed!Especially the second one down. There is such beauty in the micro-cosm around us.

Foxglove Lane said...

I agree that hairy deep green stuff is so tactile. Well done for the great photos, I can feel your passion for them! Wonderful:~)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

The light was indeed wonderful--it really pops the beige-brown tones against the bright green of the seaweed. Love the contrast in textures!