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Monday, 2 January 2017


This is going to sound horribly, horribly familiar - but the lack of posts is once again due to camera failure.

For a while the gap was because it rained whenever I had time to take photos. Then, just before Christmas, I went to look for street-plants. Every picture, every one of them, came out out-of-focus. Were my hands shaking? Perhaps I was sickening for something even though I didn't feel ill?

But I didn't get ill.

So, this morning, with Christmas and New Year festivities behind us, off I trotted. But once again every photo was out of focus. If it weren't for a familiar little symbol flashing in the corner of the screen, I might have blamed cold hands . . . but I can avoid it no longer. That little symbol means the camera is breaking. Soon, the lens will stop retracting, or retract when it shouldn't - despite the incredible care I take of it. And you bet I take care of it! It's my most expensive possession.

This camera takes wonderful photographs as long as it's in full health. But it runs into trouble too easily. Tomorrow I'll phone Canon and see about getting it sorted once more. Expense means I can't buy a new one. Expense may mean I can't get this one repaired either. We'll see.

Meanwhile . . .

I hope you have all had a very happy Christmas and will now enjoy a wonderful 2017. It's probably too much to hope for peace in the world but I think it not unreasonable to wish you, you personally, well - that you may be at peace with yourselves and be healthier than my camera is! And may you have the self-control not to get wildly cross if yours breaks - a state of being which I have not yet achieved.

Best wishes folks.



colleen said...

Hope you manage to get things fixed so you can share your ever interesting street plant tales. Best wishes for 2017.

Down by the sea said...

I know how annoying that can be as it has happened to me. I hope it isn't as expensive as you fear. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. Sarah x

Barbara Fisher said...

Hi Lucy, my husband took out insurance on all his camera equipment. It is astronomically expensive, but then he has a LOT of equipment. Last year, he was out taking photos of one of the local carnivals (he works as a freelance for several newspapers), while changing one camera for another, he dropped the largest and most expensive one! It broke! He rang Canon, and they were amazing. They sent a replacement camera, collected his camera at the same time, repaired it and sent it back all within a few days, and it only cost £150 (excess) although it cost the insurance company a heck of a lot more. He joined something at Canon – I can’t remember what it’s called – some kind of professional network, which is why he got such quick service, without that he thinks it would have taken three or four weeks. Good luck with whatever you decide to do, but maybe you should think about insurance especially if you buy a new camera. (I don’t work for an insurance company or Canon by the way!) :-)

squirrelbasket said...

Nightmare! Literally - I have been lucky with cameras but I DO have a recurring nightmare that I'm surrounded by wonderful views and my camera doesn't work.
I do hope you get sorted soon - I love your images.
Happier New Year :)

Toffeeapple said...

Thank you for your sentiments Lucy.

I hope that your camera will be fully functional at a reasonable price, very soon. Fingers crossed!

Pat Tillett said...

Cameras are fantastic! Right up until the time they stop working correctly. I am so hard on my cameras. Well, I hope you can get it fixed soon! Let us hope that things will be better in the world. It doesn't look good...