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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Dandelion head with no petals and most seeds gone
Dandelion seeds don't get enough attention.

This is significantly maddening.

For ages it was my laptop. Eventually, I bought a new one. Then, on 20th May, my camera stopped. It's away to be mended but in the meantime . . . no new photos.

However, some things, within a broad season, don't change and although I took this photo on the 17th May - other dandelions are in a similar phase.

At this point . . . there were more pictures . . . but I've taken them away. I like the dandelion. It can stand alone.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your dandelion! Good to hear the laptop issue is solved at least. It must be so frustrating to be without a camera.

Barbara Fisher said...

I’ve never looked that closely at a dandelion. The centre parts look like a cross between an alien and some kind of monster! Fascinating.
PS. I thought you might like a 'nature' post I did at http://marchhousebookscom.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/every-cloud.html
Hope it is your sort of thing

Janet said...

That's an amazingly detailed photo. Isn't it interesting that the same forms appear in different places and scales in nature? It reminds me of a jelly fish, or even, dare I say it, sperm hovering around an ova (is that the right word?)

Looking forward to the return of your camera

liz said...

That is fascinating and strangely beautiful. It's fun reading the images one close up of a dandelion conjures in people's minds.

Diana Studer said...

That image can indeed stand alone.
You do achieve spectacular macros.

Hope the camera is soon back. Wasn't it new ish?

Toffeeapple said...

Best wishes for a working camera very soon!

The image of the Dandelion head is very closely observed, thanks for posting it.

Hollis said...

Fantastic photo ... stands alone just fine!

Dartford Warbler said...

The dandelion head is beautiful. iI hope that your camera troubles are soon over. It`s so frustrating.

Rowan said...

That's a fantastic photo of the dandelion, I like them too, so bright and cheerful in flower and so delicate and airy when they go to seed.

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hello Garden Dreaming. Camera back! It's just arrived. Hopefully mended - I have yet to open the box. Strange this trepidation!

Hello Barbara. The first time I looked properly at dandelion seeds I decided they are like arrows in a quiver. (I will come and read your post.)

Hi, Janet. I hadn't thought of jelly fish but, when I thought about it - yes, you are right!

Hello Liz. The word 'dandelion' conjures up only good thought in my mind - colourfulness, cheerfulness, lots-and-lots-of-them-ness, and interestingness.

Hello Diana - and thanks. (I have had this camera about four years.)

Hello Toffeeapple. Must say my spirits lifted when the courier delivered the parcel with my camera in it!

Hello Hollis - glad you like the dandelion!

Hello Dartford Warbler. It was only after I had a camera that I realised how interesting dandelion seeds are - and how beautifully and cleverly they are arranged. Until then I had noticed them in flower and had blown away their clocks with enthusiasm but had missed this extra bit. Blowing photos up on screen opens a new world.

Hello Rowan. I'm always pleased when people say they like dandelions.

Naquillity said...

i have your blog in my feed reader and it shows all your previous images. it's funny you should pic the dandelion to show alone in the end as it was my favorite of the three also. i agree, it can stand alone. it's beautiful. hope all is well. have a great night~