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Thursday, 17 September 2015


Yellow flower with sea beyond.
In theory, I'd gone to look for a Stuck Foot Post. In practice I came back with nothing but one yellow flower.

I liked this flower so much I thought I'd give it a post of its own.

But I'd also taken a standing-still video for the sake of listening to the sea. Back home I noticed this yellow flower is part of 'the scene' and as it thus plays a supporting role decided to add the sound (and minimal movement) to the post.

The video was set to 'poor'; and as it was supposed to be for a Stuck Foot Post it's a bit wobbly towards the end - I couldn't twist as far as I'd hoped while keeping my feet glued to the path!

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Hey ho!
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Rowan said...

You did well to video that much without moving. I love the sound of the sea, it looks quite windy as well.

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hi Rowan. It was a wake up for getting back to being more supple all the same!

liz said...

Lucy, that is pretty impressive for a stuck-foot video post. It is also lovely to hear the sound of the sea here in land-locked Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

Like Liz, I live in Kentucky, and only hear the sound of water from the lakes. The sound of the sea waves is so calming. Nice video.

Down by the sea said...

The sound of the sea is so lovely. I walked along here a few weeks ago when he felt more like summer. Sarah x

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hello Liz and Juliet. It's hard to imagine living without the sound of the sea. From time to time I've videoed nothing but the waves touching the sand as a way of recording it. Not compulsive viewing but a listening that draws you in.

Hello Sarah. Still time for a few more summer days mixed in with the autumn ones I expect. (Meanwhile I've just rushed out to bring in the washing because the season has decided to fling drizzle at us on its way to mist. Have been taking advantage of its fruitfulness though by gathering blackberries.)

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

It's nice to hear - and - somebody else's sea! I never get tired of that sound.

Countryside Tales said...

I love listening to the sea and watching it moving- very hypnotic. I like your little yellow flower. It's good to notice the small things.

Gardens at Waters East said...

Yes, yes, whenever someone speaks of the sound of the sea - I know that person is a kindred heart with me. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan - one of the great inland seas of the USA, I keep my windows open and every night I fall asleep with that sound. Having been in Guatemala the last three weeks - I think it is that sound and the beauty of the lake that I missed the most while away. Jack