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Sunday, 21 June 2015


I hope I'm inspiring you to look for plants in places other than gardens - specially surprising places like the kerbs of our cities, on the tops of random walls and in the kerbs of residential streets. You can even find ferns growing below ground - in the drains.

There are ten of us who blog about urban wild plants from time to time. You can see a list on the Street Plant Bloggers Page.

I think I may have missed someone. If it's you. I really do apologise. If you let me know, I'll add you in.

You don't have to commit to blogging about urban wild plants every month or anything like that.
Indeed, I only put a box here six times a year.

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Street Plant Blogging
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I've been trying to devise a logo for Street Plant Blogging - something stark and arresting to show how strong and determined these plants can be. So what about the picture at the top of this page? If you'd like to use it on your blog you might like to use the smaller version here. It's only 219 kb so it won't interfere with the speed your blog comes up on screen.

Click here for Street Plant Posts in June.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the opportunity to share some street-side greenery! Although I fear by August these plants will be harder to find in the baking sun we are probably expecting...
All the best :)

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

The harder it is to find a plant, the greater the sense of achievement when at last you see it's there!

Hollis said...

Lucy, I'm now doing street plants as part of my other blog, Urban Plants, Urban Rocks ... the one I pretty much ignore otherwise :-(