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Saturday, 7 February 2015


If you read my post on the 5th of February you will already know I went in search of a new tree to follow and, indeed, found one.

Branched trunks of Monterey Pine
It's a bit sad though, saying goodbye to the tree I've followed since last March. Not that it's done much. I'd thought branches would be lopped. I'd imagined by now it might even have been felled. No. Well, that's good. But . . .

Next month I'll see if there's anything to compare between last March and this.

Webs on bark
But this month - there weren't even any woodlice! There were webs still - but no spiders to see.

What a weird tree! Or perhaps I should say - what a weird tree to choose. But it's hard to let go. So there'll be a couple of months overlap. This mini post. Then a compare. Then over to the new one.

Special edition plastic coke bottle - Wayne

I think the only new thing to see was a load of litter that had arrived around it.

Don't you just grieve a little?

I'm Following a Tree (Are you?)

My New Tree -
Is Here


Sue Garrett said...

I just hate how the UK had become so untidy. When did people just stop taking litter home? Love the tree bark photo.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sue, it both annoys and saddens me. Flighty xx

Caroline Gill said...

I particularly like your middle photo, Lucy ... and, like you, grieve about the litter. Those spider webs are fabulous. Have seen very few spiders, but we are still getting the occasional moth sneaking inside. Have you seen more than usual in the last year, I wonder? Much look forward to hearing more about 'the new tree'!

Donna said...

I just don't understand why people think it OK to throw trash anywhere they please...poor tree. I'll have a new tree soon.

Anna said...

I could get on a soapbox on the subject of litter Lucy most of which seems to be food related. Anyway I will not do it here as you do not want an essay to appear. I hope that you do not pine too much for your departing tree.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can visit your tree for a time, even if you don't write about it.

I like both of the first photos, but like you, am sad and not a little angry at the subject of the third.

Angie said...

Litter, my pet hate! Why? Why? Why?!

virtualhorizon said...

I think I love everything about your tree! Can't say the same for the trash. Why people can't save it to throw away when they get home is beyond me!

Anonymous said...

I grieve a little, too. Hate litter!
And I expect we are all grieving a little for the trees we are no longer officially following. Like lost lovers.
All the best :)