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Friday, 2 January 2015


Sycamore and moon - with the cliffs of Purbeck in the distance.


Branch of Holm Oak leaves with slip stream across evening sky.
Holm Oak
And welcome to new Tree Followers. The band is still growing!

Most of those who began Tree Following last year (last year!) are keeping with their chosen trees for a full twelve months. (Thirteen might be a good idea so a straight comparison between the two start months can be made. What do you think?)

But some Tree Followers (I think) are starting with new trees to mark the beginning of a new year.

It's as each of us wishes. It's a flexible feast - and one of the reasons new Tree Followers can be added to the list at any time in the year.

But whichever month you start, whether you mark your 'year' by the calendar or twelve / thirteen months . . . Have a happy 2015. Find yourselves fascinated by the trees you are following. Have a good time blogging!

Turkey Oak bud getting ready for Spring.
Turkey Oak

This post is really an advert - a reminder that the next Tree Following Link box is almost upon us.

It opens at 7am on 7th January and closes at 7pm on the 14th. (Both UK time.)

See you there!

All photos for this post were taken on the evening of January 2nd 2015


Angie said...

Thanks for getting back to me Lucy. I look foward to taking part this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'll be doing a last post about my willow tree. I'll then choose a new tree to follow, and post about, through this year. Flighty xx

Hollis said...

Hooray hooray I'm glad we're still in business ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm starting afresh though realise nowI only did 9 months of Horneam - thankful that you have found the time and energy to host us still Lucy

Anonymous said...

So glad to join in this month, the third for me to participate! Thanks for hosting this fun meme.

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hello Everyone - and a Happy New Year.

Looking forward to reading about your tree, Angie.

And to finding out what new tree you've chosen, Mike.

Hollis - definitely still in business. What's more, if circumstances ever meant I had to stop blogging - I'd make sure to find someone else to take over hosting the Tree Following. I wouldn't just abandon it.

Hello Laura. I've found I can never fully leave a tree I've been following. I may choose a new one but the older ones still call and I find myself trotting off to check on how they are doing. I expect your eyes will be drawn to your hornbeam each time you pass, whether you want them to or not. Looking forward to finding out what your 2015 tree will be. By choosing in January you will be launching into something of a mystery.

Hello Tina. I've got awfully behind with things but am looking forward to reading about your Retama on the 7th.

Donna said...

I am very excited to be following a new tree in spring. Right now it is wrapped against the deer who nibbled it too much last year. It is still young and small but a wonder none-the-less. And I will be dropping in for the Stuck Foot posts....Happy New Year Lucy! Wishing you peace, harmony, laughter and love in 2015.

amanda peters said...

Thanks Lucy, I will try and get out and do a last post too,

LensAndPen said...

Happy New Year Lucy! It is a pleasure to continue my tree watching posts on your website. Hopefully I will get my own blog spot this year. Since I missed posting last month, my pictures will cover for both months. I think the last posts revealed my tree still had lots of leaves, so it has gone to sleep since then. I don't remember the month I started, but it was closer to spring, I believe.
~Tree Watcher

Sandie said...

Hi!! I have been directed to your blog by Irene who took photos of her tree and linked them to my monthly neme 5 in 5.
I have just started to walk each day for 45 mins and have been taking a photo from the same spot. I thought it would be good over the course of a year to see the seasonal change - there is an oak tree in the distance but it is too far to 'follow'. And so I will look for another tree that is easier to connect with and I will be joining in here and posting my photos. Love this idea and looking forward to getting you know other tree followers!

Sue Garrett said...

I independently followed a magnolia last year after being inspired by thus. I don;t have the discipline to post on a certain date each month and some months I posted twice. I'm not sure that this fits in with your structure.

It's a toss up between a quince and a medlar this year