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Sunday, 21 December 2014


December 13th 2014
Still running behind with everything but the box is here even if I am mostly missing. I'm pleased to keep plates spinning even if there's little on them!

In a couple of month's time I'll be able to go back to putting lots of energy into this blog so . . . I really do encourage you to look at the plants which grow in gutters, on walls an the tops of buildings, beside traffic lights and benches.

This link box will close at 7pm on Christmas Day! (UK time.)


Donna said...

Keeping you in my thoughts Lucy as life moves on and takes our time away from blogging...i think that happens to many of us. I wish I could find a plant growing in the street or sidewalks...all is frozen and waiting for spring here....but I do still hope to do a stuck foot post in January!

VP said...

Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year :)

Flighty thought you might like this link when I posted it a while ago. So here it is for safe keeping for whenver you're ready to return to your blog.

Hollis said...

Amazing -- I found some green plants AND I managed to get a post together. Happy Holidays to all!

Anonymous said...

keep missing the street plants - I hope to get into the swing of this meme in 2015