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Sunday, 16 November 2014



Sycamore on November 15th 2014

Have you mentioned music about trees on your blog?

Have you shown pictures about trees?

Have you found fun words about trees?

Have you made a video clip about your trees?

. . . . We're constructing a special page about trees in the arts. (And 'art' includes your own and that of your friends as well as known singers and painters and . . . )

Hopefully it will be well under way by Christmas so do email me with links to the relevant posts on your blog.

AND . . . you don't necessarily need to have posted about a picture , a piece of music . . .etc. etc. (!) about a tree; if you think it's a good tree-in-the-arts link . . . let's have it!

AND . . . it doesn't necessarily have to be about a tree that's being followed now. Who knows what trees will be followed next year? Let's have the links!

Email your ideas and links to

or leave a comment on the blog.

Hawthorn on 15th November 2014


Every so often I choose a place and put my feet on it so I can see what I can see without moving. I allow myself to swivel, crouch, stand on tip-toe - all those kinds of movements - but my feet have to stay in exact same place. 'Stuck Foot Posts'.

There's a page about them and if you'd like to stick your foot somewhere and post about it . . . There will be a link box on Loose and Leafy from the 21st to the 25th November. Anyone can join in. The emphasis is on plants but there may be other things of interest which you might never have noticed without sticking-your-foot: insects, stones, surprising views. Look under and over and in between. Examine.

(If you'd like your name and blog included in the list of occasional Stuck-Footers. Let me know! - usual thing . . . email looseandleafy@googlemail.com or leave a note in the comments - simply stick your link in the Stuck-Foot Box . . . 21st - 25th November and every 'odd' month after.)

(More about ivy soon.)

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Donna said...

I will have to look as I know I must have a few....of course I have written a poem about a tree that I posted on both blogs...