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Friday, 14 March 2014


Tree at the end of a day. I think it's an Ash.
Time (in the way of flowers and leaves) will tell.
The photograph was taken on March 13th.
The blur in the lower part of the picture is mist over the sea.
Well, folks. Didn't we do well? Aren't we all inspired by the number of Tree Followers this year? Have you noticed how infectious the enthusiasm has been? And what about the quality of Tree Following posts? Aren't they good?

The March Link Box is now closing. It will remain as a route to Tree Following posts but won't accept any more URLs.

A new one will be opening on 7th April as near to 7am (UK time) as I can make it. This too will be open for 7 days so there's plenty of time in which to get to know our trees before we meet again as a virtual group and compare notes.

About dates . . . Some people have chosen to look at their tree on 7th of every month - a snapshot of change. But for most of us . . . we will be watching to see what happens as it happens. Many, if not most, participants live in regions where spring is 'doing things' to our trees just now. There will be new leaves and blossom.You may want to post about your tree more than once. If birds are building a nest in it - you'll probably want to share this with your readers straight away. Great! When it comes to the 7th April perhaps you will be able to give a link leading to an index of all your observations?; a view of the month passing. Don't feel you have to do more than you want. But don't feel limited either!

A couple of practical points.

One of the debates on the Tree Following posts has been over the impact of ivy on trees.
This ivy is on an elderberry tree. Photograph taken February 12th 2014
As you will see on the Tree Following page, I've offered to make space for Tree Followers who don't have blogs. One reader has sent photos and text so I'll be working out how to present these in the next few days. So . . . if there are other blog-less readers who would like to take part like this, please send your material as soon as you can.
And if you haven't yet joined the Tree Following project, it isn't too late. It will never be too late. You can start at any time of the year. Just choose your tree, email me at


. . . . . post about it and . . . away you go! There's more information on the Loose and Leafy Tree Following Page.
(Are you?)

Click here to read all 56 Tree Following posts in the March Link Box.


Anonymous said...

Glad I found your blog...enjoy watching trees and critters that also enjoy them. Till next month.

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hello Juliet. I'm glad you found it too! And good luck with your own new venture in blog world.

Anonymous said...

Very well indeed! Flighty xx

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hi, Flighty. Hurray!

Caro (UrbanVegPatch) said...

Oh bother. I thought the link was closing at the end of today and have therefore missed it. Serves me right, should have made up my mind sooner. Ah well, there we go. Or not, in my case.

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Caro - oh, bother indeed. It must have been maddening.

In my mind the seven days are 7th - 13th so by closing the box in the middle of 14th I was thinking I was giving a little lee-way for late postings. Next month (the box will be opening on 7th April) I'll put a note with it saying precisely that. Having it open from 7am on 7th to Mid-day on 14th sounds sensible and memorable. (Say if you think not. I'm feeling my way on this.)

Looking forward to reading about how your . . . did you decide? . . . mulberry, acer or pine . . . is doing next month.

Anonymous said...

I'm still making my way through the wonderful list of participants. Lots of interesting reading.

Lyn said...

I do keep meaning to join in...maybe I will in April, spring is my favourite season! X

Green Lizard said...

I've nominated you for the Versatile blogger award. Have a great day!