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Sunday, 23 February 2014


The tip of a turkey oak twig
Turkey Oak - Feb. 16th 2014
Gearing up for the full-scale start of Tree Following on 7th March. The list of participants is growing. Several bloggers have already introduced their trees. Some of us (like me!) are still looking around, trying to decide which tree to chose. It's like doing warm up exercises as we approach the blocks.

This slow beginning is good. It gives us time to think about our trees, how much attention we will give them. Will it be an occasional photograph? An in depth focus on the insects which live on them through the year? The development of their fruit from blossom to drop? (Maybe there will be recipes?)

It also gives us time to iron out some wrinkles.

One of the trials of blogging is that the anti-spam settings on Loose and Leafy make it difficult for some to leave comments.

The tip of a turkey oak twig with longer wiggly bits
Turkey Oak. Feb. 16th 2014
So why do I not change the settings? - Because nearly all the 'anonymous' comments coming into my email box from other blogs are spam and I don't want to impose this on you. I really have thought about it.

So - this post is to say taking part in Tree Following through Loose and Leafy does not depend on you being able to leave comments.

To let me know you are taking part, you can leave a comment - but you can also email me at
and I'll add you to the list.

When the linky box goes up for posts on 7th March it will suggest you leave a comment. This is because it's a free box and that's part of the text included. Ignore it. If the box accepts the URL to your tree following post - well, you're away. We'll be able to find you and read about your tree - and that's what matters.

Long section of turkey oak twig

What if you don't have a blog but would like to take part? That's fine. Email me and, if we can, we'll make space on Loose and Leafy for a photograph of your tree and a paragraph about it every so often.

You might want to follow a tree by posting photos on Twitter. Twitter isn't perfect for pictures but there's no reason why we shouldn't have a list of Tree Tweeters along with the list of Tree Following bloggers.

Yellow flower and brambles beneath turkey oak
The pictures on this page are all of a Turkey Oak, taken on 16th February 2014.
This is one of the plants beneath it - taken on the same day.
Have you thought of following a tree by using YouTube? I've experimented a little with this. Here's the link to my YouTube page. It's not very developed - seaweed being brought onto the shore, leaves rustling. Here are birds singing as the sun comes up over one of the trees I've followed. Think about it - how about doing a sound picture of your tree over the year? If you decide to follow your tree that way - let me know and we'll have a list for Tree Following on Film.

I'm Following a Tree
Carole at La Fosse - The House on the Hill - has introduced her magnificent Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa

And Gill at On the Edge Gardening has chosen a Medlar tree.

Any questions, any suggestions - ask them, make them!

(Incidentally, for those of you new to Loose and Leafy - it's not soley about trees but all sorts of hedgerow plants. Sometimes we look at urban wild plants too - here's the most recent urban plant post - Out on the Town.)

And remember - first Linky Box for full scale Tree Following start up this year will be - 7th March 2014.

* * *
If you'd like to use the Tree Following motif
on your blog
this is its url


Jo said...

I've enjoyed Flighty's previous posts about tree following, and I shall be reading his new ones where he follows the beautiful willow tree on his allotment site. I shall pop back to your blog and read about the other trees which are being followed this year.

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

That's great, Jo. And would you like to choose a tree to follow on one of your blogs too?

Hollis said...

Lucy, it's wonderful that you're putting so much effort into making this Tree-following adventure work, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Generally I don't have any problems leaving comments via Wordpress, and I also have a Google account I can use if need be.
Thanks Jo for your comment.
Flighty xx

Jo said...

Thanks, Lucy, but I'd rather not participate at the moment. I shall be following the trees that others choose with interest though.

Lucy Corrander at Loose and Leafy said...

Hi, Hollis. Tree following this year should be interesting, so many people are taking part. The challenge will be to keep it going through the summer holidays!

Hello Flighty. I don't really understand the Wordpress problem as I've never had a Wordpress blog. Some bloggers have it and others don't. Maybe it's to do with the kind of account? But I do know Wordpress people can get very hot under the collar about it!

Jo. We will look forward to your comments through the year. You can be like a cheer-leader!

Dartford Warbler said...

Hello Lucy,
I`m happy to take part in the Tree Following!

I`ll probably follow the ornamental crab apple tree that I can see from my bedroom window. I open the curtains every morning and it`s the first tree I see.

The Orchard Year said...

Hello, found you via Flighty and would like to join in with a Bramley Apple tree.