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Saturday, 29 June 2013


White, umbelliferous plant with fly on top - in front of blue sky with clouds.
June 2nd 2013

I'm horribly ill-disciplined. An all-or-nothing person. So I've decided on nothing.

I keep delaying posting till I know exactly what I'm talking about. I don't know why I think I need to know what I'm talking about. This is an informal blog, not a scientific one. It's bogging me down. So I'll close down. Not for ever. Just till autumn - enough time to shake off a misplaced sense of responsibility. I don't even like knowing what plants are. I just like looking at them. By . . . by . . . I'll try to stretch it till October . . . when I'll either feel free to say 'hey, this is a pretty plant, isn't it?' or return with enough stamina to check the Latin. All or nothing!

In the meantime . . . If you like things to read . . . do read The Squirrelbasket - loads there! If you like to see pictures of Dorset - go to Down by the Sea. Loads there! For the spirit of enquiry (!) go to In the Company of Plants and Rockss. Loads there! And for bugs - well, Bug Blog, of course!

If you want a little challenge - count hoverflies; return to your childhood and do an iSpy; how many kinds can you see? (If you want to pop back now and then to mention your sightings - do feel free to leave notes in the comment box. Come as often as you like. Maybe an accolade in the autumn for whoever has seen the most?)


Lyn said...

Have a good summer and 'see' you in the autumn.(feels a bit like autumn today actually!)
please only blog if you want to....it's your blog.

Hollis said...

Hi Lucy -- sorry to hear you are burdened by blogging, but I understand! There is a balance somewhere and I bet you arrive there. Maybe I'll will too one of these days :-)

As to names of plants, I've always thought it a bit silly that we think we know something when we know the label someone assigned. Emerson's poem Blight often comes to mind, specifically:

But these young scholars who invade our hills,
Bold as the engineer who fells the wood,
And travelling often in the cut he makes,
Love not the flower they pluck, and know it not,
And all their botany is Latin names.

Thanks for mentioning my blog! and best wishes ...


Tim Havenith said...

Hope you have a nice summer. I'll be looking forward to autumn :)

ADRIAN said...

You pop back when you want. Keep the blog going though. I get confused easily.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the summer, and I look forward to you posting later in the year. Flighty xx

Janet said...

I think once a blogger, always a blogger. But a blog can be a bit of a slave driver. Take a break. Teach it who is the boss. But make sure to start again - I think your observation of little plants in the indifferent urban landscape is valid and much needed.

Have a good summer, Lucy.

Toffeeapple said...

I shall miss you Lucy but do enjoy the break, perhaps we will have a proper summer this year?

Donna said...

Lucy enjoy your summer of relaxing and just being with no worries about blogging. See you this fall!!

Down by the sea said...

Sorry to hear you are taking a break I will miss you! Thank you for recommending me. Have a good summer break and I will look forward to hearing from you again in the autumn.
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, thanks for the mention of my blog! I never knew you cared :)
Enjoy the break but do come back with new energy in autumn. I hope you are carrying on with the daily picture - and with Twitter.
Au revoir not adieu!

colleen said...

It's strange how a completely voluntary activity can be burdensome, isn't it? Hope you have a glorious sabbatical and will certainly look out for different types of hoverfly. have been enjoying trying to identify the different bumble bees that have been feasting on our phacelia this year. A truly wonderful sight.

Margaret Gosden said...

Thanks Lucy. I have much to retrieve! I am glad you are still commenting on other blogs, even tho you are not blogging! By the way, I thought you could delete comments if you don't like them?

Pat Tillett said...

Have a great time doing whatever you want to do and hope to see in the fall!