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Friday, 5 April 2013


Things are about to change. There have been storms at sea - and seaweed in piles on the beach. There have been landslips along the coast - on the South West Coast Path there have been thirty where in a normal winter there might have been three. In Devon, the sea turned red. Buds haven't opened yet. Flowers aren't out yet. There's a dull pause. But things, soon, will change.

March 31st 2013
Look at this view.

The tree on the right - its leaves will soon cover half the scene.
The brambles on the left will fill out and provide blackberries.

But . . .

March 31st 2013

The orange blur of willows in the middle - I won't be able to go back to them because - see the orange triangle below the castle? It's rock where there should be green - the bushes have slid. I wouldn't like to be slid upon if any more of the cliff comes down.

December 17th 2012

This is how it was in December.

December 17th 2012

On the left, the lower ladder is in place. The white, bare, tree in the middle is there.

March 31st 2013

And now . . .

I was thinking nothing much happens with this view.
I was wishing I'd chosen something more dynamic.
Then part of it went.
You never can tell with a view!


Dimple said...

Views do change, but it seems we don't expect it, usually. I walk the same paths regularly, and the plants, rocks, sky...virtually everything, changes from month to month, sometimes from one day to the next. The far views seem to be the same, but the near ones are in constant flux.
Too bad about the land slips along the path, that you won't see the same plants which you did before, but a new path and new plants will take their place.

ADRIAN said...

I hadn't realised that so much land had disappeared this winter.
A very good look round.

Sally said...

A tutor warned me about unstable cliffs in Pembrokeshire- loved the place so much I took my boys back two weeks later and a several hundred tonnes of cliff was on the beach! Just found your blog, my eye is now on signs of spring (eventually!), so thank you!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Change is all around us....the view is still lovely abit changed:)

Bridget said...

So the trees did'nt work to stop erosion in this case.

Donna said...

Change is amazing as it suddenly seems to happen right before our eyes...I know my views will be changing soon and some not for the best as I lose my trees...I am hoping to keep this at bay and maybe it won't happen...but it will.

Anonymous said...

If unsettled and extreme weather continues then changes like this will become more frequent, and we will be more aware of them.
Thanks as always for an interesting post. Flighty xx

Linnea said...

I love the view of the stormy seas and sky. What a pretty place, no matter the season! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my skies.

elaine rickett said...

Nothing stays the same in nature does it - it will be interesting to see how quickly that space becomes filled - I am sure you will spot it with your keen eye.

Down by the sea said...

I have never seen the erosion as bad as it has been this year!
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

Wow - dramatic shots. You must have had some bad storms this year.

Wendy said...

Hello, I've just come across your fascinating photographs of coastal erosion. They do show how the power of nature can change even the most familiar views.