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Thursday, 11 October 2012


This patch of Willow Herb is always striking
Click HERE for what it looked like in September 2011
(You'll need to scroll down.)

My camera has been away to be mended. The sun shone while it was away. As soon as it's come back, the light goes and the rain pours down as if heaven is emptying its bath water.

These blackberry leaves are pretty tatty and may fall.
But they may not.
For leaves from 2011 in March 2012
Click HERE.

Then there was a moment, not a long moment, but a moment long enough to dash out and dash back before it began to drizzle; a slow, steady shower from the gods. If it were spring, it would be welcome. Sliding through the mud, I wished my camera had come back yesterday. Trying to focus on sodden seeds, sodden everything, it seemed as if nature itself had gone out of focus, I thought 'no post here!'.

From the sky, you might think this was taken early in the day or in the evening.
No. Twenty past ten in the morning.

(It's very annoying.
I know I've taken a picture of this view before but can't find it.
When I do - I'll give the link.)

But there it is. Autumn.

I nearly said it's now 'winter' because these outlines will stay the same right through to spring - petrified reminders of last summer. But the air is warm. It's still autumn.

Now my camera's back, it can snow if it likes for all's right with my world - even if it is raining.

And the view we are following?
Pretty murky too.

For what this looked like on September 21st 2012
scroll down the post for the beginning of October.
Not a lot has changed so I've drawn back to give a wider view.

That's autumn for you!

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Mark and Gaz said...

That's autumn alright! Glad to hear though that your camera is already sorted.

Lucy said...

Hi Mark and Gaz. They were as quick as they said they'd be and the camera has come back better even than when I bought it. If it weren't for the registration number I'd think they'd replaced it with a different one! I phoned to thank them but, apparently, the address one sends it to is not where it's mended and it's been couriered to Germany and back!

Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

Beautiful thoughts and great photographs Lucy.

Carver said...

I love the mix that autumn brings.

Toffeeapple said...

We have had drizzle all afternoon and it is still going on. Mind you, this is the first rain we have had for ages so is welcome.

Gary said...

Love the thorn shot!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Mark Willis said...

How nice that the camera-repair operation went so well. Customer Service isn't always like that!

Lyn said...

I love the thorny stem photo!

Welsh Celt said...

Nice to see some pictures of English nature. I am English, but based in South Africa where the terrain is radically different. Looking forward to some seasonal winter weather when I return for Christmas (I am the son of Rowan, whose Circle of Life blog you follow).

Gardens at Waters East said...

Lucy, Photos like those you posted today give such a great "interior" mood to me. I find them deep and reflective. Winter does that when the days are grey like you have. But, after awhile, I want sunshine again. To much grey make me way toooooo blue! Jack

Donna said...

Lucy we have those gray wet days now in autumn but we do have bright spots of sun in between...thankfully...soon though ti will be more gray and cold than not.