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Sunday, 23 September 2012


I knew it, I knew it. Come autumn, I'd lose balance. All is everything. Thistle down everywhere. New leaves, new flowers, popping up by surprise.

Tree tops showing bright red haws (hawthorn berries) and ivy against a blue sky.

Tree tops showing bright red haws (hawthorn berries) and ivy flowers against a blue sky.
Ivy buds are silhouetting themselves against the skyline. They are making stars in the foreground. Christmas is already there in the hedgerows. Why wait for holly berries to ripen? We are blasted by haws.

New (red) hawthorn leaves in autumn.
One is always surprised by latecomers.
Don't know why.
There are always some - like these new hawthorn leaves
I couldn't choose between them.

We'll have have them all!

For this one - haws.
(The fruits of hawthorn.) 
Thistles will come.

(And a view to follow.)

I tire of summer.
I didn't discover spring till my camera revealed it.

But autumn?
Flowers and (the almost obligatory) hoverflies - and berries.

Autumn is where it's at.
And it's beginning!

Branch of bright red haws (hawthorn berries) on a branch by path


Κωστής Τζαγκαράκης said...

Beautiful autumn colors.
Beautiful thoughts Lucy.

Down by the sea said...

I miss the warmth of summer but the colours of autumn are always so wonderful, those hawthorns look so good. We are so lucky to have the different seasons to appreciate the changes.
Sarah x

Janet said...

Like your new top picture. Very atmospheric.

Lucy said...


Hello Down by the Sea - the gradation between seasons is more noticeable here than in other places I have lived - though the seasons themselves not as far apart. We have blue skies and sun in winter - not northern rain!

Thanks Janet. I'm pleased with the new header. I took it a couple of evenings ago - hence the colour - and the plants are a good representation of what plants grow here and what they are like at present.

Toffeeapple said...

That's a smashing header Lucy, beautiful. There seem to be more Hips here than Haws. I delved into a Haw yesterday and was surprised to find just one seed inside, I thought that they would be like Hips!

Donna said...

I love autumn too as the colors just keep coming and surprises are everywhere

Mark and Gaz said...

Autumn has certainly made its presence known recently. The berries are ripening and the leaf colours have started to change :)

Hollis said...

I also really like your new header photo -- great mix of sky/clouds and earth/plants. And I like the autumn feel.

I've left autumn behind for a bit, now in the a-seasonal world of coastal California. It's kinda weird but I can't complain :)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love your blog! Just found it today but I am a new follower! Love your photos :) Makes me miss England!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Berries, do we have the same kind of Hawthorn that you do? Little tiny rosettes of flowers? Really cute, rest of the season not much interest.

I like yours way better.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Rhi said...

These are truly beautiful. I'm in love with your blog already! :)

Lucy said...

Hello Toffeeapple. Glad you like the new header. I'll need to go and see what the hips are like. There won't be as many as haws - I imagine for the very reason that hawthorn takes their space and blocks their light - but there are a few places where I can expect to find them.

Hello Donna. It's funny, isn't it - that autumn always comes as a surprise, however many we live through.

Hi, Mark and Gaz. It will be interesting to see what colour we get in the leaves here. Many are simply curling up from the edges, dry and brown on the trees - as if they have been singed from below by bonfires.

Hello Hollis. Enjoy California!

Lucy said...

Hello Brianna. I'm glad you have found Loose and Leafy - and that you like it!

Hello Jen. There are (and I only discovered this recently) several kinds of hawthorn so I imagine some are more interesting than others. It's very pretty in spring - with the trees covered in blossom. Some is pink and some is white. Although the blossom, to my eyes, is not as pretty as blackthorn, the leaves are beautiful - light green and slightly oak-like. I like them a lot.

A while back, I got in a muddle with how labels worked and took a whole load away - which means I was going to give you a link to a hawthorn blossom post but can't find it. I'll have to do some housekeeping on the blog!

Hello Rhi. So glad you like Loose and Leafy. More posts coming up!

Lucy said...

Dear Everyone.

You might like to know there's a new Loose and Leafy post on the blog.