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Friday, 17 August 2012


Chicory Flowers
Chicory Flowers

I could do nothing but post about chicory.

Here it grows up to about four foot high.

Hoverfly on Chicory Flower
Hoverfly on Chicory Flower

I am not the only one who loves it.

Bee on Chicory Flower
Bee on Chicory Flower

Though my admiration does not extend to bathing in its pollen.

Willow Herb
Willow Herb

There's a lot of blue and pink and purple around at the moment. The sky switches between blue and grey. If you look into sun-glare, it looks quite dramatic.

Tree on a cliff, with rocks in front to defend against erosion by the sea.
Except for leaves dropping from the tree in the autumn,
new ones arriving in sprin
and growing again through the summer,
this view stays much the same through the year.

This is looking up to where these plants grow.

Herring gull swimming on sea

I'm pretty much alone . . . but not quite . . . look behind me and a solitary herring gull swims away.


Mark and Gaz said...

Fabulous blues indeed, and superb photography!

Lucy said...

Thanks Mark and Gaz!

Donna said...

Lucy that blue sky is gorgeous. I like the view up the hill too. Chicory is considered an invasive weed here but one that so many adore for its lovely blue flowers

Kristi said...

When chicory begins to bloom here, I know its almost my parent's anniversery. Love it. Or love to hate it, not sure which.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I too am a fan of Chicory, never saw it before down on the coast, but here it lines the roads. What a stunning color, one of my most fav.

Love your perspective shots, very interesting.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite flowers so I grow it on the plot!
Lovely photos. Flighty xx

Down by the sea said...

I love the colour of chicory, we had a huge plant of it when we had our allotment in Wyke and it always popular with the insects.
Sarah x

Rowan said...

Lovely - I once saw chicory growing wild in Romania, sheets and sheets of blue. It's a sight I've never forgotten.

Hollis said...

Beautiful, Lucy, and so nice to see some blues this afternoon. I have been looking at yellows all week -- late summer prairie flowers, hardwoods in draws starting to turn. cheers

Bridget said...

For me the nicet blue of all is when it's in the sky!

Lyn said...

Beautiful photos, I love the hoverfly on the chicory.

Toffeeapple said...

Such a delicious shade of blue too. Gorgeous pictures, as usual Lucy.