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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


We don't get on, Nature and I. We never seem to get in synch..  I begin to take photos for a post . . . am delayed by rain or circumstance - and the wretched plants have grown so much my pictures are far too out of date to use.

I'm in the middle of a 'circumstance' at the moment . . . in that summer brings with it obligations other than blogging and I get as much behind with them as I do with Loose and Leafy - and I'm in a bit of a rush just now too . . so . . .

 . . . I'll take this as an opportunity to post three pictures which were meant to belong to a longer post. If I don't do it now, by the time I get round to it, snow will be landing on them!

I'd been struck by the idea that we don't often see the backside of flowers; we are forever staring them in the eyes or looking up their noses - so I crept up behind some and took them unawares.

June 24th 2011

June 24th 2011

June 24th 2011
(posted on Message in a Milk Bottle on July 8th)

Then, on the way home, this.

June 23rd 2011 - which, being the day before 24th
doesn't exactly fit the text
- but I assure you, very little had changed!
Grass is terribly much un-celebrated. It doesn't have the virtue of a backside - but it's great stuff - tough and varied so I'll give it a moment in the lime-light.

April 5th 2011
This is a picture I took a while back and posted on Message in a Milk Bottle - but I like it so much, it can have an encore..

Backsides, sideways and from underneath!


Bridget said...

Interesting perspective as usual.

PatioPatch said...

You're more in tune with nature than many of us Lucy. Posterior perspectives are perfectly lovely. Thanks for the encore - the shot of the grass against the blue is marvellous.

Toffeeapple said...

Perfectly lovely! I like the Bramble shot best I think.

Elephant's Eye said...

I like the new favicon, your red shoe that I remember from your earlier header ;~)

Mark Willis said...

You have such a great feel for the composition of your photos! The grass in the blue drainpipe is a wonderful picture by any standards.

Rowan said...

Grasses are wonderful plants especially when you see a field of them waving in a summer breeze. Oddly enough I took a photo of bindweed today as well though mine was the usual front view - they are such lovely flowers but most people only think of their reputation as a nightmare in the garden. Happily I don't have any so can concentrate on the pretty flower:)

Lucy said...

Hello Bridget. Glad you like the behind-the-flower-perspective.

Patio Patch and Mark - I'm glad you too like the grass in the drain-pipe picture. I'm wondering whether to put it on my wall!

Toffee Apple - I always find it fascinating when photos manage to catch the stamens on brambles - there are so many and they are deliciously delicate.

Hello Elephant's Eye. I use the red shoe picture on Twitter as well as on the favicon. (Incidentally, the favicon suddenly appeared after I thought it hadn't worked. I don't think that, although cache-emptying etc. had been recommended by Blogger, it really had any impact. There was simply a confusing time delay.)

Hello Rowan. Morning Glory is simply a blue kind of bindweed, less rampant but bindweed none the less - and people put that in their gardens on purpose . . . which shows how beautiful it is!

Everyone - you may like to know I've just published one of my occasional context-posts. It's about Corfe Castle, a little to the east of where most Loose and Leafy photos are taken but still very much Dorset. This is the link



NatureFootstep said...

true, the backside is often as good a subject as the front. :)