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Monday, 1 June 2009


What's over the top? This is what Hermes and Debbie asked when I showed this photo on 'Pictures Just Pictures'. There's not much of an overlap between readers of these blogs, a little, not much. (Not that people who go to Pictures Just Pictures are offered much to read!) But I thought I'd do a connected post for a change, especially because I've mentioned coastal erosion before on Loose and Leafy. (Just one of the many things I know nothing about but, because I notice it, it turns up here). So this is what you see when you come over the brow on this stretch of path.
Portland Harbour - where the sailing events for the 2012 Olympics will be taking place - and Portland in the distance. Not that I recommend you take your eye off the path, or you'll be tumbling down here. Over and over, people make new paths as the old ones crumble away;
higher, then higher . . . So that's what I do now - take the higher path, in case that next edge is ready to tip. There are lots of little coves below; each one protected from the waves by boulders. They loop in and out like a lace edging. Gorse burns - and there's a lot of gorse round here. This fire was recent; the smell of burning so strong it may still have been smoldering. On the way back, I met women bringing buckets of water to put out a smaller fire before it spread.
Picture Just Pictures readers may recognise the remains of the World War Two Gun emplacement on the beach. (The round shape.) 'Now The War is Over ' and 'Fallen Wall'.
This is another photo from Pictures Just Pictures, 'Rusted Rails Near Ferrybridge'. This is where the path I was on meets with the route of the old line to Portland. When I first walked here, the tracks had been lifted but there was nothing but broken stone under foot. It has a tarmac surface now and lots of people walk or cycle in and out of town along it. Great! Except I feel a bit churlish. It was nice to be here when hardly anyone else was!
This is the Causeway to Portland. I'll show you what it's like to walk along there sometime . . . coastal plants and all! About the painting - I've done half the kitchen, the downstairs loo and half the bathroom . . . there are so many other things to be doing instead!


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I just love the geography of where you live. I please tell me your shoes are orange, not red. I adore them! :) (I'd like them in red, too, of course!)

Lucy said...

Hi Monica, I love the geography of where I live too!

I moved to Dorset more than twenty years ago but I'm still stunned every time I walk out into its beautifulness and drama.

And the shoes. It's difficult with people looking through different screens but, on mine, the colours are exactly right.

They are red - but at the orange end of redness and the red of the stitching and the red of the leather on the outer edges are redder than the unpolished bit - which catches the light in a different way and it is slightly more orange.

Oh! I think I'll abandon photographic and wild nature blogs and start a fashion one instead.


flowrgirl1 said...

hey Lucy, thanks for stopping by my blog. Love your latest post pics. oak leaves do compost but it takes much longer. I prefer maple but of course, dont have any in my yard!

catmint said...

thanks for the vicarious walk, such beautiful ever changing natural phenomena.

Brenda Jean said...

This is cool...it kind of reminds me of our dune areas off of Lake Michigan. I love coastal plants, so that would be neat if you shared about those too. I always feel so relaxed when we are near the water, and the beaches.

Tatyana said...

Hi Lucy! It's funny - I just found out that you have this blog! I visit your second blog, but not this. Blotanical is so huge, it's almost impossible to check all the blogs. Anyway, I am glad I am here!

Chris said...

Your pic called Rusted Nails is so beautiful. I love the sunlight on the water! It is a shame to see the pathway crumbling, erosion is a problem in many coastal areas.

BT said...

What a lovely post Monica. I remember walking the path between Eastchurch and Leysdown and each year it moved further inland. Parts of it were frightening. Super photos too. And those shoes. Lovely lovely.

Town Mouse said...

Ah, "It was nice to be here when hardly anyone else was!"

That pretty much sums up the human condition these days, doesn't it? ;->

Anonymous said...

I went there.

azplantlady said...

Hello Lucy. What a beautiful place. It is always hard when lots of people discover these hidden places and put parking lots in.