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Monday, 15 December 2008


I could wrap presents or write about buddleia.
I'll wrap presents.


The Garden Faerie said...

Hello! I'm Buddleia. I'm feeling a little left out, so I'm going to tell everyone a little about myself. I come in many cultivars with pretty colors and it's all right to trim me back in spring. Or fall. Thank you.

Lucy said...

Oh Buddleia! Thank you so much for your visit. I've never before been visited by a bush!

Or are you Buddleia, The Flower Fairy?

Worry not.

Your special post is simply postponed - not cancelled.

In fact, you are one of the trees and bushes for whom I am setting up your own year-journal.

Don't take it amiss, but there are so many wild buddleias near where I live . . . and they grow so full and yet so tatty . . . um, buddleia is not my favourite plant.

Butterflies would disagree . . . but I am not a butterfly.

I'm sure you, Buddleia, are the exception. You probably don't lean across paths or spend a large part of the year with dead flowers drooping about your person.

(And, by the way - you curtseyed very prettily at the end of your comment!)


Barbee' said...

Oh Boy! An open forum for shrubs! I'll spread the word to my friends. Signed: the Rambling Rector.

Esther Montgomery said...


Beware of the company you keep!

That Rambling Rector may have the sweetest smelling clusters of delightfully small roses but underneath its gentle exterior . . . it's wrecked my shed . . . and I almost went into shock when it sunk a thorn into the soft bit at the base of my thumb (which is bound to have a biological name but I don't know what it is).

I'm nervous. Who are its friends? Do they wear dark glasses over their leaf-buds and carry violin cases under their branches?


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

ummm - Lucy, you are good - I have yet to buy mine, maybe tomorrow.

Lucy said...

Hello Karen - well, I think the timeing for international packages is getting a bit tight.

And now I'm off to town.

I asked someone to buy ten beautiful, blue-beaded birds with long, pale blue tail feathers on my behalf.

He came back with ten wind up fruit tarts that run around on little wheels and four model peacocks.

So . . . I'm off I go to get them changed!


Philip Bewley said...

Your shopping list is certainly more interesting than the regular 12 days of christmas swans,lords and rings!

rosa said...

is it all buddleia davidii growing wild around you, or do you have any escapees of b. globosa? When I smell its blooms all I can think is honey.....
And I was so surprised to see so much volunteer buddleia in Scotland, esp. along the cuttings. They don't grow wild around here at all, as far as I can tell, and I've never seen offered here some of the fancy ones I found over there, like 'Harlequin', (I think it's called), with variegated leaves and fuchsia blooms. Sort of garish, actually....I wonder what your buddliea post will reveal!

this is my patch said...

I inherited Buddleia and mine is in need of the annual prune. Not a job I relish, but a job which needs to be done. x

Lucy said...

This is My Patch - My views on buddleia will be revealed on Loose and Leafy on 19th January 2009 (which, today,is tomorrow!).