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Saturday, 4 October 2008


Far Side of Fifty asked to see Ceres' arm warmers but I'm reluctant to include a photograph. Someone, somewhere, designed the things. Shop assistants sold them. I expect they worked hard at both and I respect that. On the other hand, I really don't like them. They're expensive rubbish. So . . . I asked Ceres if she would draw them. If the person who devised a way to rip-off young girls by selling them sleeves without the rest of the garment - I recommend them to consider their commercial morals. Unsurprisingly, at first, she didn't want to. Drawing a black tube threaded with ribbon as if it were a corset isn't really enough of a challenge to catch her interest. And, since the lace trim looks like decoration for inappropriate lingerie, perhaps she's a little embarrassed, I don't know. It seems unlikely but, either way, she drew a princess to sweeten the pill. (She draws lots of princesses.) I asked why the she drew the princess with an upside down axe stuck in her head. Ceres says it isn't an axe, it's a gun but she's not very good at drawing guns. I didn't ask why the princess has a gun sticking out of her head. After all, she was kind enough to spend ten minutes doing something she didn't want to do so I didn't quibble.
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I've put asters in Esther's house as a 'welcome-home' present. I'm hoping the lights were her and not burglars.
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easygardener said...

I'm not very familiar with the latest fashions but it appears that the princess is wearing blue flippers. Is this a new trend to go with the arm warmers?

Far Side of Fifty said...

Lucy! Love the arm warmers..somehow I thought they would look just like that ..like a truss..but cuter! No wonder they are all the rage. Ceres is a very talented artist..very colorful..I am glad her drawings kept her out of your hair for a bit!:)

Lucy said...

Easy Gardener - Sorry it takes me so long to catch up with replies to comments.

I see what you mean about the princess wearing blue flippers. I think this may show how you are not part of Barbie doll culture (?) - where dolls (and, therefore, princesses, have inhumanly long legs.

This princess's knees are where most of us would expect our feet to be and she is wearing tall boots. I'm not sure if she has points on the end or whether she is barefoot and has talons on her toes.

Either way - she is rather a violent princess, despite the bright colours.


Lucy said...

Far Side of Fifty - equal apologies.

I'm not quite sure what a truss is . . . but, whatever it is, I don't think I'd want one on each arm.

Ceres, though, thinks you are a person of impeccable taste.

Did you ask your grand-daughter whether arm warmers are also a fashion where she lives?