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Friday, 11 July 2008


This is a post left over from when Loose and Leafy was a work of fiction. Later, it evolved into what it is now - a blog about the wild plants of the South Dorset Coast.

To make sense (in so far as there is sense) of these early posts, you may like to take a look at Esther in the Garden.

* * *.
I'm going to the dentist this morning because I have a three-teeth-ache and while I'm there I'll be looking at this picture in my head because it will keep me calm and I'll pretend I'm not frightened.

It's Mrs Smith's funeral tomorrow.


ericat said...

that reminds me of my 11 year old grand-daughter who sang "who's afraid of the big bad dentist - not Petro " in the car and when she entered the dentist's waiting room she sang (softly) "Petro was telling a lie" .
Thank you for visiting my aloe garden site. I recommend my Namibia site with the tame tame Kudu doe Kambi. Lovely photos there with the large antelope "her" house pets and her calf. I have it on blogspot too, but it reads easier on the site I linked too.

Lucy said...

ericat, they really are lovely photos on your site - especially when viewed from Dorset!


Barbee' said...

Good luck at the dentist! Hope it isn't so bad after all. Lovely picture, though, and it is soothing.