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Tuesday, 8 July 2008


This is one of a  sequence of posts which were written when Loose and Leafy was a work of fiction - gradually, it changed into what it is now - a blog about the wild plants of the South Dorset coast.
It's astonishing how things evolve!
The Esther mentioned here . . . go to Esther in the Garden to find out!
(Or, possibly, to become even more confused!)

* * *

I don't have a garden but, if I had one, I would sit in it and think.

My next door neighbour on one side, Mrs Smith, has been murdered.

My neighbour on the other side, Esther Montgomery, has disappeared, along with her husband and two boys.

Mrs Smith's children, including her new baby, Charon, have gone missing. The police are searching for them now.

They have also ransacked Esther's house. Not that they found anything of interest for I had already taken her lap-top. That's what I'm writing this on.
* * * * *
Esther, my friend, started a blog as a distraction when she married a Martian and life grew stressful.

Well, you can take that or leave it but I could see she was anxious throughout the autumn and worried in the winter but, by late spring, she was happy again.
* * * * *
So . . . . .
if it worked for her . . . I'll try it for me.

* * * * *
Here is is! My blog!
It will be called 'Loose and Leafy' because I am Lucy and the blog will, loosely speaking, be about leaves and stone and bark and things.

I've started with a blackberry leaf on a stem that has begun to creep across a path after the council flailed the end off it.

To me, this is a photo of rebellion. It is a "you can't keep nature down" picture. It is a "When it comes to a fight between the council and a bramble, the bramble will win; inevitably" picture.

The other is of wet sand where it meets dry.

Storms may clean the beach or strew it with wreckage and debris; the tide-line.
A Good Place to Start a Blog.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging Lucy,
The tide line is indeed a good place to start a blog.
An Artist's Garden

Lucy said...

Hello Karen

I'm so pleased you came to visit.

I've been looking through the blogs Esther had on her reader and I see yours is one of those she visited often.

Thank you for your good wishes. I think I'll need them. Starting a new blog like this is a bit of a challenge. Fun though!


rosa said...

thanks for the blog roll, Lucy! My daughter, Grace loves stones and sticks and leaves and sand. She's always bringing me little handfuls. I'm sure we'll visit often! It sounds like a disconcerting time for you-let me know if there's anything we can do for you!

easygardener said...

Thanks Lucy now I can post :-)
Looking forward to your new blog.
I think in a fair fight a bramble would always win!

garden girl said...

Welcome to blogging Lucy! I've enjoyed your first posts and excellent photos! Thank you for adding Garden Girl to your blog roll!

themanicgardener said...

Hi, Lucy. I'm so glad there's someone around to carry on Esther's legacy. You have some of her writing style, in fact. Are your gardens similar too? Anyway, I'll be following your blog--looking forward to the ride.

Lucy said...

Easygardener and everyone - not only had I set the 'Comments' up wrongly, there wasn't any way to get from Day 1 to Day 2.

I hope everything is working properly now - but, if it isn't, or there's anything else to put right, let me know!


Lucy said...

Rosa - you are right. It is a disconcerting time.

But life chugs on and the fact that you are reading and commenting is enormously cheering and encouraging. Thank you.


Lucy said...

Hello Manic Gardener

I like this - there's an 'Easy' gardener and a 'Manic' one. I wonder how your gardening styles differ!

Thank you for the complement about having a touch of Esther in my writing style. If this is so, I expect it's because it took me several days to read through her blog and I've 'caught' something from it.

It was an odd experience - seeing life through her eyes. And I've not done much writing before so starting a blog is a bit of a challenge. I expect it will take a little time to 'find my own voice'. Is that the right way to express it?


Lucy said...

Garden Girl - hello!

And I'm glad you like the photographs.

I'm taking them on a mobile phone which is turning out to be a wildly frustrating experience because I haven't done it before and I keep overwriting things I want to keep. In fact, I rubbed out almost all the first pictures when I transferred the second lot to the computer. I'll learn!


Ron Eklof said...

Hi Lucy,
I'm subscribing to your blog 'cause you seem to have the flair for communicating that Esther does. I won't believe she is gone. I do miss her charm, her drawings and the daily adventures in her garden and beyond. Thank you for the link to My Daily Haiku on your blog roll and I'll put one up for you on mine. Ron

Lucy said...

Well, Ron, there's a difference between having 'gone' somewhere and not existing.

After all, it wasn't Esther who was murdered. I'm assuming she's somewhere - and, if she's 'somewhere' we may hear from her some-time. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

Meanwhile, I'm chuffed you think I have a 'flair for communicating'. That's a real compliment. Thank you.


Frances, said...

Hi Lucy, we all welcome you with open ..what, laptops? Taking your photos with a phone, you are quite the high tech gal, well done. I agree, the brambles will always win.

Lucy said...

Frances - thank you for your welcome. I like the idea of it being with 'open laptops' - it is a bit like that!

It does seem strange to be taking photos with a phone! Probably even stranger for the salesperson when I went into the shop and said what I really wanted was a camera with a phone attached rather than a phone with a camera!

(I don't actually phone anyone on it at all.)

But, apart from it being light and convenient to carry round . . . and cheaper to use than traditional film . . . the price of a phone with a decent camera in it is very much less than the price of a digital camera with an equivalent quality of lens. This surprises me. I suppose it's because the phone calls we are expected to make are a kind of subsidy.

My only disadvantage is that the pictures don't print out to my satisfaction. I'm getting into a circle. Next I'll be wanting a better quality printer!


Weeping Sore said...

"I don't have a garden, but if I did, I would sit in it and think."

What a grand opening! I will enjoy visiting your non-garden blog, and hope to learn more about your strange neighborhood. Mine is pretty boring by comparison - mere earthlings etc.