Sunday, 7 December 2014


The spikes sticking out on the left hand branch are leaf buds ready for Spring 2015
You may have noticed I am hardly here. You may be feeling miffed because your emails haven't been acknowledged. But sometimes life beyond the blog sweeps in and sweeps it all away. Families!

I've even considered ending Loose and Leafy - but have pulled back from the brink. Almost everything passes - even bad things, trying things, time consuming things . . . So even it takes till February or March . . . if there were no blog to launch back into - I won't half be cross with myself.

Soooooooooo - if it's a choice between inefficiency and stopping - I'll go for being inefficient.

A lesson from the trees. While this year's leaves were dying next years were creeping up on them. There they are, all ready to burst apart in the spring.

I find this image much more powerful than eggs at Easter. Easter and Christmas have much in common in that they are celebrations of new life. I can't imagine why the image of these buds hasn't been picked up on more. Those next-year buds are almost overwhelming in their there-ness. Chicks and lambs are all very well but these buds . . . they are in front of all our noses. Those of you who live in deserts or very snowy places will be able to say whether I can put 'everywhere' after 'noses'.

My alarm goes off at 4:15 tomorrow morning. (I think I'll add extra exclamation marks after 'families!') So if I'm not around as much as usual - I assure you I'm not slacking!

And as a little pre-taste of my own tree-following post for when I get round to writing it . . . I now know what kind of tree it is. After all this time I know!

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Friday, 21 November 2014


I'll put the text in here later. Let's get the box up!

Have been unwell due to re-action to anti-biotics. Hence un-communicativity. (Is that a word or am I still blizzy?) Hope gradually to return to usual activity over the next few days.

Meanwhile, do join in! If you'd like to know more about Stuck-Foot-Posting there's a page about it.

If you'd like you and your blog to be on the list of stuck footers - say so in the comments or by leaving a link in the box. (Box closes 7pm on 25th November UK time.)