Thursday, 20 August 2015


So here I am - or, rather, - there I was, drinking coffee and thinking what a blight recycling bins are on the country and wondering how come a dropped cigarette counts as litter while thousands upon thousands of whacking great plastic containers on wheels don't . . . when I noticed this pretty pattern made by the shadow of lavender in a little vase on the table at which I was drinking coffee.

You may have noticed I've been somewhat AWOL recently and one of the places I've been AWOL in has been Oxford.

Oxford is a funny place. If you are a student you can flit through pleasant courtyards and quads on your way to concerts and plays and lectures on mind-bendingly interesting subjects. But if you aren't . . . it's a busy, dusty, noisy, not entirely pleasant place. I am biased. I don't like crowds and I don't like traffic. Oxford is pretty well made from both so I'm sunk.

But there I was, none the less, drinking coffee outside a second-hand bookshop (which also sold cake) admiring lavender shadows and wondering about wheelie bins . . .  

. . . . when my eye fell on this little plant against the bookshop step. It even has a seed plopped up against it.

Urban wild plants don't always get a good press. But I'll tell you what, they're a million times prettier than the millions of wheelie bins with which we are supposed to be saving the world. A bin is plastic. This little plant is alive. Ultimately the bins will disintegrate. They will leave no offspring. (And no-one will mourn them. Surely no-one will mourn them?) Whereas the future snuggles gently against this little plant while the world walks by.

Do you have a post about Street Plants? If so, do join me and leave a link to it in the box below. (It'll stay open till the 25th.)

And as for posts . . . they will continue erratic or invisible (?) for a while longer. And Loose and Leafy will grow tatty and somewhat un-tended until my AWOLing ends in the middle of October - by which time we'll all be getting old and full of sleep and looking forward to burning the leaves. (I like Autumn!)

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Friday, 7 August 2015


Absent but happily not missing.

I'm having an unusual number of being-away-from-homes at present. Hence lack of posts. Hence a bald introduction to this month's Tree Following. A box and little more.

Hence a confession too; I'm thinking of changing my tree to one nearer where I live. I'd thought choosing one in an interesting location would make it extra interesting to visit. Instead it means I never have time to visit it at all!

And now for the box I'm bunging in in passing.

Be back soon!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I forgot! I'm so sorry, I forgot!

It's Stuck Foot Post Day.

And I haven't written a Stuck Foot Post for this month (yet!).

Please fill my place until I can go and stand still.

There's a box below for you to put links in.

How about this as an image of stillness?
(The Long Gallery at Montacute House in Somerset.)

Date confused - I Went for a Walk yesterday
Hardly standing still!